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Hi! I'm Callie and this is my online portfolio.

I'm an Illustrator living in Sheffield (UK).

I currently work for an educational publisher (2015-present) as a Production Team Leader/Illustrator where I lead a team of fellow creatives and illustrate a huge variety of learning resources.

In 2015 I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a first class Masters degree in Animation. Whilst there I volunteered as an Art Assistant at UTC Sheffield

I live with my partner and our two cats in our increasingly colourful home. I'm always working on my own art projects: drawing autobio comics to document my experiences, creating prints and designing stationary products and occasionally taking commissions depending on how much free time I have.

I am an avid board game player, comic reader, and nature/animal lover. You will see all of these themes recurring in my work.

Online you're most likely to find me on Instagram (although I'm not too active social media!). You can get directly in touch with me
via my contact page.


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